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Altered Carbon

A little over a month ago, a friend of mine send me the preview for Altered Carbon, the show that was recently adapted from the novel. "Isn't this the same premise as your book?" he asked. It's true. Altered Carbon has a similar premise. And for a while before it came out, I didn't think I would watch it. I thought that maybe it would contaminate my writing.

But, of course, being the weakling I am, I gave in.

I watched the first three episodes in three days. I enjoyed it. Having never read the book, I had no expectations. But then I got sick and decided, during my time on the couch, I might as well plow through the rest of the series in a day.

That probably wasn't the greatest idea. Altered Carbon was not a show that I should have binged. There are twists and turns, as there should be. But ultimately, the show drags, slighting the story for combat scenes.

Look, it's a highly entertaining premise. And the acting is solid. Above average cast. But by the end, it seems to not matter what happens. Or rather, it's easy to tell that there will be a happy ending, and that there really was no need for the drama leading up to it.

When they make a show or movies out of The Three Spheres Trilogy, I'll be sure to recommend that they don't telegraph the ending.