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The New York Times Article on the Pentagon Program Studying Aliens

Like most people interested in the subject, I was surprised that the NYT picked up, followed, and published a story about a Pentagon program that is studying UFOs.  Equally interesting was the accompanying article about two Navy pilots who encountered a UFO off the coast of California.

When important people, particularly political people who have access to more information than you or me, like former Senator Harry Reid take this subject matter seriously, we should all pay attention. The government is likely continuing the program, even though Luis Elizando, the former head of the program resigned in protest because it was not being taken seriously.

What conclusions can we draw from the publication and positioning of this article on the front page of the paper? Probably not much, other than that there are unusual things happening that the government doesn't understand and doesn't have control over. What I have always believed is that much of the hype around the government working with aliens and having a handle on this issue is garbage. No government  wants to admit that, when spending hundreds of billions of dollars per year, there is a phenomenon that they don't understand, but which may pose a threat.

This is a topic that is looked upon with deep skepticism. There's good reason for that. However, we are at a point where too many people who are reliable, who have spent lots of time observing the skies and technology have seen unusual things. Hopefully, the study of this phenomenon will continue.