The Three Spheres Trilogy

Life, Death, and Government Secrets

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The title and premise seem a bore. But the show isn't. Darkness and mysteries and lost memories. That's what it's about. A brilliant cellist and her man on the piano go to explore the life of a missing girl after the suicide of the cellist's mother. Too squishy? Seems like a tear jerker? Maybe, hard to tell at the jump.  Six episodes of nearly an hour, and though there is a hint that the supernatural is afoot, it's not until well into the series that it's clear that what's going on is not the result of human beings. Well, maybe it is partially, but human beings who are being manipulated by some outward power, of which they don't have the slightest idea.

It looks to be received with only a shrug of the shoulders, but if there were to be a second season of Requiem, I would, without question, watch it. Not saying it's going to keep you up at night or have you looking over your shoulder. Just that it's a good time. Nothing more.