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International Women's Day, A Day Late

Like most people I didn't do enough to celebrate International Women's Day. But should it really just be one day? Probably not. Anyway, in thinking about the day, I thought about my favorite author, Zadie Smith. No, she's not a sci-fi writer. Not at all, actually. But she was, for me, one of the people who inspired me to continue writing.

We're actually the same age, so it's a little strange for me to admit this, but The Autograph Man and White Teeth are two of the most exceptional books I have ever read. She not only hit the multi-racial themes of my own youth, but did it in a way that just left me in awe.

So, on this day after International Women's Day, I want to send my thanks and appreciation to Zadie Smith for her ongoing greatness. She's still got many years ahead, during which I'm sure we'll see more amazing work from her.