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The Gone God World

The internet is a funny place. Who would have thought thirty years ago that one could meet someone from half way across the world, pick up their book for a reasonable price and be able to write a review for lots to see? 

I "met" RE Vance during my slog through the unsuccessful Kindle Scout Campaign. He very graciously, and very out of the blue wrote on a Kindle Scout board that he had nominated The Second Sphere. I wrote him back and thanked him for his generosity. And then I picked up his book. 

RE has created a world where the gods are dead. All of them. The demigods are all that remain of that vaguely supernatural, powerful landscape of myths and legends that human beings heard tales about over the years. And there's really only one place where they're welcome: Paradise Lot.

Though it's turned into a rather seedy place since the gods went away, There's only one man left who seems to care about bringing the world together, who isn't filled with hatred toward the fallen demigods and other various creatures who inhabit the sleepy little town, and that's Jean-Luc. 

Since his wife Bella died, and come back to visit him in his dreams, he's felt a strange pull to help the downtrodden demigods and their cohort, and continues to run a hotel that caters to their type. But of course, there are plenty of people who don't like the demigods and their ilk and are bent on waging a mini-war against them. Jean-Luc just wants to keep the peace.

RE has created a vivid and imaginative world from the folklore of the world, pulling creatures from all sorts of stories into his own and threading it all together with great humor. The writing is taut and smooth and the reader is immediately drawn into the fascinating and slightly insane Paradise Lot. 

It's not often you can find a fun, reasonably priced book on Amazon that comes highly rated. I recommend picking up a copy. I'm on to the next book on the series!